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12.01.2019 — innen: welt. festival
22.11.2019 — 4NDREAS
16./17.10.2020 – Digitalanalog



Torch everything, delete everything, start over.

Fox & Grapes may have a past, roots in different bands. But Jonathan, Ann-Christin and Philip like keeping things opaque and putting their listeners to the test. They make music that is melancholic but energetic, heavy-hearted but light-footed, breaking out in many different directions at once.

Fox & Grapes tell stories – honest and unfiltered: of pathological love, invisible walls and crushing self-doubt. They let disharmonies rain in opulent showers without ever losing the penetrating gaze behind the human facade. Music that requires courage, that demands facing your emotions – and letting yourself be completely enveloped in it: the delicate vocals, the gloomy soundscapes and the hypnotic visuals. In short, an audio-visual project that transcends borders.